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Lake Land Encroachment of Bangalore – The Final story

The revenue department had already sent notices to the 11, 595 lake encroachers of Bengaluru urban and the rural districts. The deadline of submitting the grievances or objections before the revenue department takes any action is February 29th. The encroachers can submit their objections and causes in response to the notices and the sources said that the date for replying to the notices can be extended by few more days too. The Tashildars of the respective taluks are the heads of the committee so constituted for the purpose. The committee also would entertain any other information from the citizens regarding encroachment. The head committee handling the main issue is headed by the MLA of Ranebennur who is also the Legislative Assembly Committee Chairman proclaimed that the major encroachers are the prominent developers who encroached the tanks and lake beds of Bangalore and sales as plots in making layouts. Since the demand of residential land in Bangalore is high so these lands are easily getting sold.

His statement that lake beds were mostly occupied by the prominent developers was based on a survey conducted earlier by the Directorate of Settlement, Survey and Land Records in Karnataka. The 11 member head committee had earlier inspected several lakes in urban and rural Bengaluru and has already reconciled the documents from Lake Development Authority, BBMP and BDA with the physical possession of lands. The total encroachment amounts to 10, 472 acres of lake land in rural Bangalore and 6, 195 acres of lake land in urban Bengaluru. Out of all these the encroachment by the government parties amounts to 3, 287 acres while the encroachment by the private parties amount to 7, 185 acres. The committee had already issued notices for showing cause to the encroachers of the lake giving them a fair chance to submit their grievances and their version of the reason of encroachment. Subsequently the Committee headed by Mr. Koliwad will prepare a final report based on the inputs of the data being submitted by the encroachers. 

The responses of the encroachers will be duly scrutinized and examined by the committee which will be headed by the jurisdictional commissioners. The committee can also do spot inspections after the month of March if need be. Based on the Assistant Commissioner’s report on various sub-divisions the nodal legislative committee headed by Mr. Koliwad will be preparing a final encroachment report and submit it to the legislature along with the recommendations as well. 


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